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Sya Touni

Thirty year old Bentu pilot and Ori's business partner on the More Gravitas since her parents died in the Avalon Colony bombing 10 years before. Formerly of Nassir corp, Sya became touni when his father died on Avalon before sponsoring him into the corporation. It's unusual for a Bentu to make it to twenty years old without sponsorship into their parents' corporation, but Sya has never spoken about it to anyone. Generally doesn't admit to being touni to other Bentu, preferring to claim to be an independent business owner of his own small corporation, which slightly more socially acceptable to his people.

Largely indifferent to the Bentu practice of ancestor veneration.

Ori gave him a hideous orange and yellow paisley scarf as a gag gift, but he'd rather be warm than look good when it comes to snow.