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Origa Null, aka Ori, aka Starfish

The main character of Falling Into Midnight. Hacker, cat burglar, and wannabe xenoarcheologist. Owner/Captain of the More Gravitas, which she inherited from her parents. Technically born on Earth, but home-schooled by her xenoarcheologist parents in the field and raised on the More Gravitas from 3 years old. She identifies as Colonial and shares a similar view of people from Earth, especially after her parents were killed in the Avalon Colony bombing at the start of the Retribution War. She rescued Sya on Avalon Colony after the bombing, and they have been business partners and found family ever since.


Twenty four year old human female. Short hair, typically pixie cut when she has regular access to a stylist. Physically fit, short (5' 3"). Tends to wear loose clothing that allows comfort and easy movement. While most of her clothing is black, she does like purples and bright, eye-searing magenta for when she feels like showing off. Prefers "dark and mysterious, something with swoosh."

Nicknamed "Starfish" by Sya after an argument between them before he was fully fluent in English.

Preferred equipment: Needler with stun darts. Collapsible stun batons.

Latent Telepath

Ori has a "presence sense" that allows her to get a location and vague shape of other living things in the room with her (usually only people and more advanced animals). Combined with excellent hearing and a good 3D spatial sense, Ori is able to keep unusually precise track of the people around her, even when unable to see them directly. This makes her extremely difficult to sneak up on or ambush and provides significant advantages to fighting blind or in the dark.

She can also pick up on people's emotions better than average, but she's been fighting so hard to avoid close connection with others since she lost her parents that she instinctively blocks as much of it as she can. Her empathy usually only manifests as instinctive warnings about potential threats focused on her.

Her latent telepathy appears to be the reason why she's able to use the Black Egg artifact to acquire full telepathic abilities while the rest of the crew is not.