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Waldo Jakabowski

Waldo is a xenoarcheologist who specialties in reverse-engineering alien artifacts in order to reproduce the technology. He met Ori's parents as an undergrad while doing a field internship under them at university. He graduated with an engineering degree with minors in archeology and xenoanthropology. He's a Polish Jew by heritage, though he does not practice the religion himself currently. Prior to signing on with the crew of the More Gravitas, Waldo worked at an unspecified major corporation that specialized in xenoarcheological expeditions with the express purpose of finding and reverse-engineering advanced alien technology for the benefit of humanity (and profits).

Waldo shows symptoms of having some form of anxiety disorder and possibly PTSD, though it appears to be largely under control most of the time. He is taking PanaCRx to treat his issues, but has been so far unwilling to discuss the details with the rest of the crew.