Ursidious Manth

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One of the minor members of the Commonwealth with no colonies beyond their home world. Patient, stoic creatures happy to live simple lives. They prefer colder climates and need little protection from the elements until temperatures drop well below freezing. Many find easy employment as manual laborers due not only to their strength, but also their tireless work ethic. Manths are happiest when they feel like they are contributing something useful to whatever group they have chosen to be with.

The massive humanoids stand seven to nine feet tall. They possess a hippo’s rounded, lumpy features, but are as shaggy as a woolly mammoth.


Generally friendly and peaceful, they are, however large, tremendously strong, and can survive a lot of physical abuse. While it takes quite a bit to enrage a Manth, once driven beyond all patience they have been known to enter a berserk rage that is nearly impossible to stop until they have exhausted themselves. Without new targets for their ire, they have been known to stomp offenders into paste by the time their rage burnt itself out. Only a very stupid, or a very distant person would dare piss off a Manth.