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Humans refer to the Tik-Tkek home world as Stutter because it's a thirty six letter series of click-like T’s and K’s with so few vowels that they would hurt themselves trying to pronounce it properly. The name implies life, growth, community, possibilities, and the center of all things.

Their largest city is called Kittikkix.

Their buildings and cities show an indifference to orientation. Both interior and exterior walls and ceilings are covered in some form of handholds (often disguised as protruding decoration). Rooms and hallways are expansive to allow large amounts of "foot" traffic, which also allows easy movement of larger species. However, vertical movement becomes problematic, especially for species with poor climbing ability. Any building too short to rate a proper elevator (or equivalent) is difficult to reach. They tend toward knobbed pulley systems rather than escalators, and their version of stairwells look more like a rock-climbing gym in a silo.