Polar Ice Mine

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The Bentu corporation Bao na Dae runs an ice mining operation on the northern ice cap of Naca III. Ice mined here provides water for stations and colonies in neighboring systems with inadequate local resources. Large blocks of ice are loaded into cargo shuttles and ferried to a cargo transfer staion in polar orbit, then freighters take the ice to their destination system through the Altspace Portal. Bao na Dae employees make up only a small percentage of residents, mostly technical, security, and supervisory positions. Most of the workforce is comprised of touni and other disadvantaged people desperate enough for work that they have nowhere better to go.

The ice mining town sinks into a two-mile-wide crater in the polar ice. It has an extensive landing grid setup to manage six rotating cargo shuttles. Processing and support facilities take up much of the remaining space, with the residential areas squashed into a tightly-packed remaining third.

The fusion plant in the center of the town has no cooling towers, instead, the hot coolant is run through pipes under the streets and used for de-icing and hot water supply.

There is a cargo rail system with loading and unloading platforms, and the entrance to a rail tunnel system is at the north end of the town barrier wall.

Average temperature in summer is about 10F.