Naca III

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Naca III spent the last hundred thousand years withering to death as its parent star grew into a red giant, the planet’s thinning atmosphere blasted into space by the ever-growing solar winds and heat. The atmosphere is breathable but very thin, equivalent to high mountain elevation. River valleys and teeming forests have been replaced by empty canyons and deserts. What little water remaines is locked away as ice at the poles. Even that would eventually be carved away by the Bentu ice mining operation.

The Naca system, nestled in a neutral buffer zone between Bentu and Tik-Tkek territory, didn’t contain enough resources for either side to bother fighting over it. But the water mined from the poles could support several parched colonies in other systems. Cargo shuttles ferried ice from the Polar Ice Mine to a transfer station in orbit.

The Temple Dig Site located on Naca III was the first freelance expedition for the crew of the More Gravitas.

The Black Tree Cavern was found was found in a sub-glacial valley northwest of the Polar Ice Mine by one of the survey teams acting on Ratus' orders after he'd decoded and translated the temple map data.