King Tantkanatilk

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King Tantkanatilk, aka King of Despair

Main character of the Nacan legend King Tantkanatilk and the Black Throne. According to the legend, he journeyed into the realm of the dead and persuaded Night (a trickster deity) to help him unite his warring people. Night plucked a magic stone from the sky which grew into a great black throne. The throne gave the king the power to command all the people of his planet. However, the throne corrupted the king and he became known as the King of Despair. His people suffered so much the stars themselves descended from the sky to put an end to the King's reign, but the King's servants hid the Black Throne. According to the legend, whoever stat on the throne would gain all the powers of the King of Despair and the ability to rule over the entire planet.