Kazetsa Mai

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Their homeworld's name is Kazetsa. One of the founding members of the Sagittarian Commonwealth, Kazetsa Mai are an older race, but technological advance has been slowed by hidebound tradition and pragmatism. No need to go around changing things that already work. Uncreative when it comes to naming things, usually going with extremely simple, descriptive names like Capital City or Station Prime.

Mustard yellow skin, hairless, triangular heads. Thin, elongated limbs and generally spindly look. Large, light green or blue eyes.

Kazetsa Mai have an instinctual arachnophobia, so the Tik-Tkek give them the screaming willies even on a good day. Some are so horrified by the sight of them that they can't even be in the same room without panic. It takes a lot of self control to interact with Tiks in a civilized manner. Kazetsa tend to avoid Tik dominated locations.