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Tony Chow, aka Jolly

Pilot, smuggler, and trader. Born on Mars, but raised on a family-run freighter as soon as his body had developed enough to tolerate the low gravity supplements human spacers must take to reduce bone and muscle loss in microgravity. Jolly has dwarfism, an extremely rare condition in the UHN. His parents refused to treat his dwarfism during prenatal healthcare. They believed that his height wasn't a problem that needed fixing so long as it didn't effect his health.

He flew cargo shuttles during the Retribution War, and was shot down during a Garuud attack. His injuries were so severe he required extensive cybernetic implants to keep him from being completely paralyzed. He later had his neural implants modified to allow him direct control over vehicle systems with the use of a receiver accessory plugged into the ship's data port. The direct input enhances his already impressive piloting skills.


Human male. 3 feet 6 inches tall. Bald, dark-skinned (ancestry is Chinese and African), with a Fu Manchu mustache. He wears a black leather cowboy hat with a leopard print band, and a dark flight jacket over a tan spacer’s jumpsuit. He speaks with a lazy spacer's drawl.

He carries an antique .454 Casull revolver on his hip and a pocket knife hidden in his clothing.