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The primary interstellar trade language for the Sagittarian Commonwealth. Also, the most common second language for all Commonwealth citizens. It's an artificial language using sounds that can be made by the vast majority of member races (clicks, hisses, basic vowels, etc). Simple syntax designed for clarity and ease of translation/understanding. Includes well-defined emotional/contextual meta cues for clarity between species with different body language and expression techniques (Think more clear emoji or hyper tags). The language has many similarities with African click languages, but with less nuance. A few particularly complex languages, most notably Vulch, do not translate well into the overly simplified syntax.

Note: In Hestchik, the language's name is pronounced: Hes||k or Hes’tchick!k (xes-’||-k or xhes-’tchick!-kh)

|| = click sound made with the tongue against the molars, such as the sound to get a horse moving.

Hestchik is how the language name is pronounced in English.