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Medication used to treat severe anxiety disorders and PTSD. Dramatically tamps down emotional response for a few hours as a means to stop panic attacks and flashbacks. The molecule is customized to each patient's neurochemistry via DNA sequencing. The drug is intended to be an as-needed treatment for acute events to help the patient break out of a crippling, problematic state, not as a steady maintenance dose type medication. Excessive or constant use can create a number of negative side-effects.

The street name is Numbskull, and illicit use can have unpredictable effects due to the mismatch between the designer molecules and user. The effects can wear off quickly, it can cause substantial neurotransmitter imbalances like serotonin syndrome, even psychotic breaks. Many abusers are hoping for the zombie-like emotional numbness and brain fog that allows them to escape the unpleasant aspects of their lives or memories, and the effects only serve to make them care even less about the long term damage it can do.


Street name for a cocktail of Numbskull, heavy-duty painkillers, stimulants, and synthetic adrenaline. Used as combat drugs during the Retribution War, especially for heavy cyborgs and other front line troops. Highly addictive and damaging to the entire body.