Constantinople 2

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In high orbit around New Istanbul, Constantinople 2 station serves as humanity’s prime trading hub with other worlds.

Two thin, counter-rotating habitation tori wrapped around a much longer central docking structure. At one mile long, Constantinople station is the largest orbital structure ever built by humanity. And the most heavily armed. The original station had been destroyed by the Aethan Haht Garuud during the Retribution War The new station was as much gesture of defiance as replacement of trading infrastructure.

Coffee is the primary export of New Istanbul, and the Kurukahveci corporation is extremely protective of their monopoly over its production and export. Individuals are allowed to purchase no more than 10 pounds of coffee per month, and purchase history is closely monitored. Naturally, there is a constant arms race between smugglers and regulators.

Local Vulch Community

As of Falling Into Midnight, approximately 30 Vulch reside in and around the Composting Maintenance facilities of the station.