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The Commonwealth equivalent of a smartphone. Species that don't embrace cybernetic implants, or individuals that don't want/can't afford them, rely on all-in-one computing/communication devices referred to as compies. Thin and flexible, they can be wrapped around a limb (most human made compies snap into a circle like an old slap bracelet), or flattened out into a tablet.

The most common type is a network (or "grounder") compie. Paper thin, cheap, and unobtrusive, they are cloud-based interfaces that offload the majority of storage and computing onto local network servers. Without an internet link, they are only able to serve as a multicard (ID, banking, and basic medical records).

Spacer compies are expensive, relatively thick (1/4 inch), and durable. They're fully-contained, independent devices with plenty of memory, processing, and enhanced communication power intended to function for extended periods away from civilization and planetary networks. They can form peer to peer relay networks with each other and with any ships in range (30 mile ground range or ground-to-orbit depending on ship's comm capability).