Adaptive Softplate

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Made of a non-Newtonian gel inside a tough, abrasive-resistant outer coating (fullerene mesh, Kevlar, or similar), adaptive softplate is a similar consistency to soft clay under normal conditions, but stiffens in response to impact. The harder the impact, the stiffer the material becomes. Once the energy of the impact has dissipated, the material returns to its normal soft gel state. Both reactions occur within a fraction of a second. This provides good protection from kenetic impact while still allowing easy movement from the wearer. It is, however, substantially more expensive than traditional hard plate armor and does not provide as high a level of protection. Low-velocity, heavy rounds or high-mass mechanical impact (from a club for instance) can still manage to noticeably distort the gel before it finishes stiffening (lower energy impact = less stiff), so deep bruising or cracked ribs are still possible.